It is my desire to write pieces that inspire the world and express the soul. I also long to see the world full of strong vocabularies, the correct placement of commas, and the correct spellings/usage of to, too, and two. Whether I am editing or writing, my heart is overflowing. Which can I do for you?



Have a paper or a manuscript that needs sprucing? Hire me for freelance editing. I am meticulous about grammar and punctuation, and I love checking for the Oxford comma. With a dozen manuscripts and approximately 700 articles under my belt, I am confident I can polish your content with zeal.


Need an article written for your business or want to collaborate? Hire me for freelance writing. With ghostwriting experience and a collection of hundreds of poems, short stories, and articles, I’m confident I can produce the content for which you’ve been searching.


Terms and Conditions

  • I hold a bachelor's degree in English with a Writing minor and currently have three years of experience in the publishing industry.

  • I operate in tandem with the Chicago Manual of Style and am familiar with MLA formatting.

  • Bibliographies, references, footnotes, works cited pages, and other related facets are not under my umbrella of expertise and will, therefore, not be a part of the services I offer.

  • When you receive my editing services, you agree that I am not assuming responsibility for any grades incurred in a class for which a paper is written. It is is your job to know what the paper is meant to represent and express; it is my job to help you polish it.

  • By utilizing my services, you agree that a goal for a paper, manuscript, or article will be clearly laid out with a finalized agreement to reach that goal.

  • Furthermore, you agree that any discussed and settled payment plans are not subject to change unless additional work is requested, which will result in a discussed up-charge to compensate for time and/or resources. NOTE: Every project will require its own monetary assessment based on factors such as word count, page count, time to edit, etc.


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