• ahreljay

We’re All Built For Community

I’m constantly craving depth. Originality. Stimulating conversation. Meaningful connections. And I don’t want these things to be based on what others think I want to see or hear. I want them to be authentic, stripped down, maybe even a little messy because who is perfect and all put together?

I want the say-what’s-on-your-mind-and-in-your-heart kind of people. Even if it hurts or there is disagreement, I want raw honesty and communication that won’t give up but seeks to understand.

I want the I-have-quirks-so-embrace-them-or-miss-out-on-me kind of people. Even if these quirks might be “embarrassing” in public and force us to laugh at ourselves, I want bravery and the boldness to be different and unique.

It can be so challenging to forge these paths in life, especially with other people. It can be scary and discouraging with all of the distrust and hatred in the world. But if one person at a time is willing to join with the next, we can have such powerful tribes of people who share in passion and adventure or in quiet moments of acknowledgement and respect.

So I hope to be that original person, the one who approaches life with stimulating conversation and meaningful connections. I want to say what’s on my mind and in my heart with love, compassion, and courage. I want to seek to understand other people’s points of view. I want to embrace what makes me “weird” and let negative opinions roll off my shoulders.

And if I get nervous, I will look at myself in the mirror and decide that I wont let anything hold me back...

from being curious,

from being thoughtful,

from being considerate,

from being happy,

from being myself.

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