• ahreljay

The Rebirth of the Phoenix

2019 was full of death. Friendships died. Relationships died. Jobs died. Loved ones died. Hope died. Dreams died. And my faith was on a precipice.

These people right here kept me alive. Figuratively. Literally.

I never thought I’d have such a tough year—a tough life. But there’s a feeling in my gut stirring. I’m shedding off the old, relinquishing the ashes of the past, and being reborn in many ways.

Knees wobbling, breath shaking, eyes fierce with determination, I’m ready to truly live again. I’m ready to break out of boxes and shatter ceilings to reach new levels of love, passion, strength, joy, purpose, and peace.

I’m rising like a phoenix. And this year, nothing will hold me back.

©2019 by Bind The Heart