• ahreljay

Seasons Change

Season change—

While you bask on the shore, I feel Frost's sting; Hiking through crystallized wonderlands- Alone.

Through desolation. Over crushed leaves and trampled petals. Into the unknown.

No sun rays- or wisps of vaporous breeze. No chirps, no chatter. All the world- a casket.

Seasons change- While you greet autumn, I submerse in spring showers; Trekking through violent thunder and bolts- Alone.

Through endless planes. Across hills and valleys of unripened life.

Into the shadows.

Cloudy days- and lists of venomous trees. Seeds stripped and scattered. All the world- a flood.

Seasons change- Evolving one into another, barely touching, never mixing, leading solitary courses of nature.

Seasons change- Devouring the old, delivering the new, building Earth's wisdom and judgment.

Seasons change- And so do I.


©2019 by Bind The Heart