• ahreljay

I’m Too Busy Living

It came time for Mom’s birthday again.

We spent the whole day shopping and

splurging on our favorite foods and treats.

We celebrated how wonderful she is.

But I forgot to take a picture I could post to Instagram because we were too busy laughing

at each other’s jokes.

The weather was a perfect blend

of sunny kisses and breezy hugs.

Ocean waves danced to the seagulls’ song.

The horizon blushed, its cheeks turning

deep hues of orange, purple, and pink.

But I forgot to record a video I could post to

Facebook because I was too busy embracing

the smell of sea-salt.

My cats were chasing each other

’round the living room.

I grabbed their favorite toy,

a jingling fish on a string,

and dangled it just out of reach. With eyes wide as saucers,

they climbed atop the ottoman

for a better chance.

And I forgot to capture the attempt at victory

in a Boomerang because I was too busy making the most of the time I have with my pets.

The camera loves my family.

I can’t deny my cousin a Snapchat filter.

We smile then make faces,

and I store in my phone’s memory

her growth spurts and the progression

of missing baby teeth. I’m offered the chance to go to the movies

with a group of friends.

But I’m too busy reminding my cousin

she’s worth my time.

There will be moments that do not require

technology. There will be other moments when a phone or a computer changes it for the better. When you find yourself in a moment where a device decides the fate of it, choose whichever makes the moment special and not what breaks its importance.

©2019 by Bind The Heart