• ahreljay

For a Friend

*I see something that died out quickly.

It resided inside of you.

Your heart seems to have been broken.

You feel as if nothing left is true.

*Whatever it is that stole your spirit,

I'll fight it ‘til my last breath.

I won't let you go it alone.

I'll be by your side ‘til death.

*I know people made you promises.

They let you down in the end.

I realize they've scarred your soul.

I won't be that type of "friend."

*I'll watch your back, protect your dreams,

help you fly, soothe away your screams,

build you up, shatter fears;

I'll be the one to dry your tears.

*Take small steps.

I see the better person you'll be.

Your destiny is great,

but it's all about the journey.

*Count on my word.

I swear I won't break it.

Just hold on to my hand.

I know you're gonna make it. 

(I love you. Please, please never forget that!!)


©2019 by Bind The Heart