• ahreljay

Empathy and Insight

She isn’t your

stereotypical girl.

Her soul is a crafted,

radiant pearl,

sewn together by

an ethereal world.

It’s bathed in rainbow

and pigments

in between.

Colors of the past

and colors unseen.

Her soul is a rare

chameleon breed.

A mixture of tones

fills up a room.

A passionate red.

A calming blue.

Her heart becomes

a purplish hue.

All her peers glare,

judge her

vibrant light.

Anger ensues.

There’s always

a fight.

“She’s too dark.”

“She’s too bright.”

But truly,

she has found

“just right.”

She depicts

both shades,

a radiant blend.

She reconciles

the spectrum’s ends.

Not one side,

not the other.

Her soul is neutral;

she will not bend.

She seeks peace,

a common ground

where she, too, can

let guards


Once red sees blue

and blue sees red,

they’ll learn they have

a common thread.

Nothing else will

need be said.

She’ll catch her breath

and clear her head.

Brilliant rays having

achieved their quest,

her chameleon soul

will find some rest.

©2019 by Bind The Heart