• ahreljay

Comparison of Wounds

I'm bleeding on the inside.

Vessels popped, organs burst, lungs collapsed.

Rush me to your sanctuary in a vibrant parade.

Remind me everything will be alright.

The piercing screams can't even drown out

the voice in my head.

Evaluate the damage.

Time giggles as it slips around the corner.

Bright lights.

Insides out.

Save the liver over the spleen, but...

Is there a way to salvage both?

Thank goodness the kidneys aren't punctured, too.

Stitches above the brow.

Sew the abdomen shut.

Beep. Beep. Beep.


It's like bleeding on the inside.

Spirit broken, dreams belittled, psyche shattered.

Give me pills, maybe a pillow when the darkness

swallows the shadows.

Tell me it's not so bad, that I could have had it worse.

The silence is more deafening

than the cries inside my heart.

Damage must be minimal.

Time heals all wounds, right?

Dim the lights.

Insides in.

Saving face over saving self.

No way to salvage the mess.

Thank goodness there's a rug and a broom.

Band-Aid on the soul.

Sew the lips with a smile.

Tick. Tock. Tick.

Relive the pain.


©2019 by Bind The Heart